The Rača Monastery

The medieval Rača Monastery  situated in a valley surrounded by wooded hills is approximately 10 km from Drinska Kuća. Built by a Serbian ruler in the thirteenth century it was destroyed in the fifteenth during the Turkish invasion. The Rača monks however continued to preserve Serbian literature by copying books of liturgy and manuscripts establishing the so-called ‘Rača School of Copying’. The rebuilt monastery was burnt down again by a Turkish commander at the beginning of the nineteenth century and rebuilt yet again some thirteen years later along the traditional design, standing to this day.The church of Christ’s Ascension was  decorated in post-Byzantine tradition at the same time, covering the walls with over a hundred frescoes and paintings.

In the Treasury are displayed – a copy of a twelfth century manuscript of the Gospel of Prince Miroslav, the most important treasure of Serb literature, as well as  copies of seventeenth and eighteenth century manuscripts. There is also a nineteenth century table on which the Turks beheaded the abbot and the deacon, a reflection on the occupation not easily forgotten.

Apart from the visit to the church and the monastery a walk on the paths along the river in the cool, green valley with its scattered picnic areas makes the visit to the site a truly memorable one.